swa 255x188Founded in 1986, CCN Group is a recognized leader in precision parts and complex sub-assemblies for the automotive industry.

We are focused on engine efficiency parts improving fuel consumption and reducing emissions, our main markets being Turbochargers, Injection Systems and Variable Valve Timing.

Our international development strategy is to support regionally our customers with local plants with the aim of offering the requested flexibility and reactivity in the challenging automotive world.

In addition to our 3 production plants in France and over 300 employees, CCN Group expanded:

  • In Slovakia : 2 production plants including an investment & centrifugal casting foundry with more than 300 employees
  • In Mexico : One production plant with a 2 800m² footprint counting with 110 employees
  • In China : One production plant with a 2 500m² footprint counting with 30 employees